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Originally Posted by strangefroot View Post
Been thinking ...... ive lost count of the times that ive heard people that ive been shooting a course with say " cant believe ive just missed that , i hit it 4 times on the trot yesterday ". Or others saying that they know the distance of most ( or all )the targets on a course .This has happened at regional , national & even world championship level from time to time over the years .

The way that people usually justifythis behaviour is with the excuse " its home advantage "....In my book there should be no such thing !I mean , how can it be ok for someone to travel 2 , 3 , 400 miles & be denied points or a qualifying place because " local yokel larry " has scanked them, by practicing on the course for an age .

Most of the grounds that we visit have the scope to alter the target angle or shift the firing line back or forth to ensure no advantage is gained by anyone .

We at anston have a gp round this year & i can guarantee that not a single target will have been shot prior to the shoot or that anyone knows the distance of any shots .

So im appealing to all shoot hosts , to design a course that is a fair challenge to EVERYONE that travels to your shoot .

cheers , calps
So You have bought 50 new targets have you calps But back in the real world totally agree with you .
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