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Interesting points calps.

I will know the distance to every target at Tondu for the wafta gp this year, but thats because I am trying to build a balanced course that is not all 45 + yards.
I am looking to have 10 full size kills under 40 yards as its a pet hate of mine in Gp where full size targets are all 40+. However, even some of the 30 -39 yard full kills will be tricky shots if there is wind.
However, i can assure anyone that it wont matter if i know the course ranges (some one has to when it comes to 50 + yards, standers, kneeler, reducers anyway) as my leupold very rearly lets me down in range finding.
Although the course will be built in Yards, i range find in meters and even where i know a target range ( in yards) i always follow the same procedure and range find it in Mt etc.

Despite this the top bowl (new area) and top ponds (new lane angles + ranges) will be very differcult unless there is zero wind. We dont shot the top ponds very often but did last week as a test for the gp, to get an idea of how tough it will be.
Turned out to be much tougher than i expected and i was missing 4 or 5 times before getting the wind, so home advantage in wind in these lanes is a myth !
The wind was constantly changing strength, if its like that on the gp day i would be very tempted to bring target over 45 yards to under 45 as other wise there are going to be alot of misses?

I am changing as much as i can from previous shoots at Tondu but its not possible to change all 25 lane locations.
Some will be in the same place as previous Gp / Regional shoots but as you say the targets will at least be different distances and angles.
We do have a number of new lanes I and other Tondu members have been clearing over the last few weeks, it needs doing now as in a few weeks the greenery & brambles are back and its four times the work to clear a new lane then. I am quite pleased with the new lanes down the bottom ponds as the shooting positions have not ever been used. i dont think the lanes will be too differcuiult but again its about balancing a course? The lower lanes at tondu should be easier than the higher top bowl /Pond + Banks. Thats where our gp will be won or lost!

I think we will have 10 lanes that no one will have ever shot before, but the others will be fairly familuar in regards to the firing line position / posts.
Cant really find a way round out but i do try to make every shoot different from the last as much as possible.
I too hate going to grounds where as you say people know the distances etc, usually where perminent course are left out.
Its one of the reasons i like travelling round the regions as its new grounds mosdt of the time, least to me!

I hope that as long as the scores are not too low and shooters enjoy the amount of variation between lanes i am trying to achieve they will enjoy the shoot. Even if their GP score dont start with a 4!!
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