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Default Bic ?

Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Cleaned the barrel today after thursday edge splitting practice.

seemed to do the trick as depite the tricky tondu zero range wind it was how do you miss.

Next on the to do list is take up an exercise simon was talking about in Italy.

"I don't size or weigh my pellets, I use them straight from the tin, I just measure how long they are. I've never had Exacts shorter than 6.18 mm not group and I've never had any longer than 6.22 mm that do. I just measure a couple from each batch as length consistency in each batch is superb. In my particular gun short Exacts will hit a 13 mm bell target indoors at 50 yards, without exception - assuming I point the thing at the target."

Now where is my micrometer
Simon , you know you want to go back to Bic-ing again . be just like the old days . empty biro in one hand . pellets in the other . and with some of nicks secret pellet lubing gear ( captain lemons furniture polish ) you will be ready to go ??? HOLLY
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