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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Seting myself up for a fall yes, but if you give it.......

Anyway, everytime over the last 2 years or so I have picked up and shot a club memebers Ev2 I have been blown away by how easy they are to shoot and how accurate at grouping the things are, even standers are a doddle, well the mk 2- 4 models.

So, after what I have to say was an outstanding Gp season with a 20 year old Njr and with the right Ev2 coming up for sale I now have an Ev 2, well I own the action bit anyway.

Got to sort a stock out which may take 2-3 months but will solder on with the Paul wilson stock for now. Once sundays showdown is over its likley the no1 Mk4 luep will be mounted on new Bkl mounts (apparently good mounts make a difference)

Not done a great deal yet apart from a little bit of getting to know things etc. I knew this action liked mozzies but i am not sure if they will be the guns ammo (hope so as I have 14 tins so its use or sell) or if the Jsb EXpress will be the winners, as they are in the Njr's.

One thing that did strike me on setting up was diffrence in drop from 50m down to 45,40,35m, given same scope height, 805 fps + 7.9 mozzie /Express.

Another test session today to see what the barrel like me thinks?
easy just pull the trigger !! lol
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