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Copied from the post by Biggles on BBS:

Morning All

Yup ..... its that time of the month when the announcement of the next installment of the 2009 series Sussex Interclub HFT is close to being overdue.

Round 7 is being hosted by Swallows FTC and the gates open at 08:00, with booking in from 09:00 (aiming for the usual, approximate, 10:00 kick-off).

30 lane UKAHFT compliant course, in a mixed field and woodland (we dearly hope) setting.

Parking will be in the field - please follow our parking attendants directions.

Food and cold/hot drinks will be available on site, prepared by our resident chef - Stuart.

I'm not going to try to wind you all up this time and hide the fact that we should be shooting the woods, so you now all know why I will stress the need for water/thorn/nettle-proof underwear. The woodland ground will be decidedly 'lumpy' in places. Bring your shooting mats if you have them.

As our local council have decided to do 5 weeks work to 'improve' the road through KINGSTON Village - it is CLOSED to all through traffic As this is the route which most of you who arrive via the A27 will know, I have attached a pdf file showing the alternate - map and directions. For the wholly honest among you, this may be the first time you have had a chance to view Lewes prison

To view the SIHFT Google map of our location, have a look HERE

Guests (full members of clubs other than the five founding SIHFT clubs, plus MVAC) MAY be able to shoot this comp as visitors, but must contact me - by PM or email - in advance so that I can control the numbers. Visitor numbers will be limited, so first-come first served

And finally ..... please be reminded that we share our site with avid fishermen/women who will undoubtedly complain to our host farmer if we act in any way other than respectfully and QUIETLY. This applies particularly to the woodland course, where you will be close to the precious carp lake. If there is much more than a whisper while shooting this part of the course, it is highly likely that we will loose the use of the wood in future, or face complete eviction .

I will post a 'discussion' thread when I get home this evening.

See you ALL soon.

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