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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Grades wont be done / updated again until after Newbury. so you will have nearly two weeks to sort it, should be plenty of time.
there are ony 4 shooters that have changed numbers that i can think of, i cant remember any of them as yet changing grades.
New shooters are still coming in daily so thats work in progress. some will have a grade prior to Gp 1, some wont. but the list will not be available until after newbury.

Have you planned to keep constructors team mates out of each others lanes too? club mates not shooting with each other?

After Newbury is just not good enough Simon.

YOU as well as a few others nag about what lane your on am i in etc.
They have been constant and the booking has only been open a few days. The longer with no other news sets you all off.

If Grades had been updated each month as previous i wouldnt only be talking about a handful of shooters. I only have pre winter grades so new numbers at winter are not on my system either unless i manually check each name. That isnt going to happen. i cant sit and change the spreadsheet excel is not my forte.

I dont keep a record(never have) of constructors teams so can't definate put those seperate and as for club team mates shooting together i always have tried to put you in seperate lanes but midlanders take up more than 25 so had to put a few in lanes split by another region.

My side of things is all good I am waiting on YOU.

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