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Ok i will try to keep this simple

Rob made a mistake when opening the booking by not splitting the session title even though you either asked for AM/PM

Whatever you asked for you have got even those that have swapped. He did try to rectify it by telling you not to re e.mail but some of you can't read to good.

I have already allocated lanes for all except new numbers and when Simon pulls his finger out with the grades i can put a list of those in which session. See i have been a busy girl.

The spreadsheet with your name and grade and number is used as a look up to put you into lanes so i dont have to put you all in manually. Until a new list is available those that have new numbers since last gp series and those that have moved grades dont show up properly and you will end up shooting in the wrong grade and get the wrong trophies/points. So i would like to get this right from the off.

If you wish to enter( as i can squeeze 3 in am and 6 in pm) please email direct you will not be turned away and i will contact you if i cant fit you into that session.

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