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Originally Posted by palmanda View Post
How many of you boys "size" your pellets?

Do you notice a lot of over or under sized pellets?

Do you also think it improves your scores?


No, because I size down to 4.48, which seems to catch all the pellet sizes. 4.49 lets a handful through, 4.50 lets a lot more through, and all the sizes above are just not worth bothing with unless it's large pellets causing the problem.

Yes. It seems to produce consistent results. Aside from if there's an actual benefit, the placebo effect means i trust the ammo, commit to the shot and aren't thinking about what ifs. Your brain can only be thinking about one thing at a time. I want to be concentrating on my shooting, not my kit.

But consider that it works for my rifle with my ammo. Others haven't found the benefit with other rifles... so testing is really important.
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