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Originally Posted by palmanda View Post
I have never been to a GP but this sounds like fun, a good to to practice your standers anyway
The best way to practice standers for FT is to shoot FT type targets

Silhouettes are a discipline in their own right and will not improve your standing on a FT course as well as shooting FT targets will.

For example - in FT you will come to a standing lane and then take 2 shots. The shots will be at varying distances and angles. You have to be ready and prepared for those 2 shots at whatever point you come across them on the course.
In silhouettes you can warm up doing some standing practice before taking on the racks and then you have 20 to 40 standing shots at set angles / distances.

You can also catch the edge of a silhouette and the target will fall - the kill zone on a FT target is not as forgiving due to the metal around the kill zone.

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