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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Cant see how you work that really, yes the overall results stayed the same but the "potential" for any region to win it becomes much closer.
Only it doesn't, because you only have 6 shooters to make up any gains needed.

So in order for people to win;

NEFTA need just under 1 target per man,more than they did with 10.

SEFTA need 1 target per man, the same or just a tad more than they did with 10.

CSFTA need nearly 2 per man, or the same as they did with 10.

Granted, some shift up and down from 5th onwards... but it changes little at the top, which is your point. You are still asking each and every counting team member to grab more targets out of a very small pot, which is why the better teams win, because they can. Lesser scoring teams need to look into the team and ask the question "can everyone come up with 2-3 more targets"... and the answer is still no. Changing the maths doesn't change that, it just means less people count.
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