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Originally Posted by greyskullnz View Post
1 target per lane would work, as would 4 days of competition.

Best part of having a couple of years up our sleeve, is that we can watch and experience what works and what don't work.

With 1 target per lane, I feel we would still be obliged to have 1 min set up, so you would have 2 mins for EACH target....50% more time than currently.
That would mean 4 mins per lane for 2 shooters, but 50 lanes. So 200 mins minimum. In likelyhood, 5-6, so 250-300. Still kicking around the 5-6 hour mark. Doable, but good grief, what on earth do people need 2 mins for to take 1 shot?

"Change fatigue" might have set in, but then how long ago was the 12 ft-lb rule voted on? 2008. 3 and a bit years later and it rears it's head again? No wonder some are fatigued.

We need a clear set of rules workable for the future and some answers as to how some things are to be approached and a proper process as to how they will be.
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