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1 target per lane would work, as would 4 days of competition.

Best part of having a couple of years up our sleeve, is that we can watch and experience what works and what don't work.

With 1 target per lane, I feel we would still be obliged to have 1 min set up, so you would have 2 mins for EACH target....50% more time than currently.

4 days reduces the time taken during the actual daily competition but adds more time to the overall length of the event, including man hours of volunteers and admin.

Reducing the time for a 2 target lane to 2 mins means an adjustment on the part of everyone excepting UK shooters.

Managing change requires tackiling one issue at a time, with clear cut choices to vote on, and good momentum behind the reason for change. I think to date too many proposals have been put forward at once.......perhaps "change fatigue" has set in. After all everyone just wants to shoot.........

"Qualification" to attend for limites places is always going to be a drama. I'd be happy to travel.....get two days out of three in a knockout style "showdown"....and then either participate or spectate a final day where the top remaining 50 get a 50 shot course for the eventual champions.

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