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Originally Posted by UKJay View Post
Hi all - I am looking for recommendations for a butt hook to fit onto my EV2 MK3. Ideally, I'd like something that can be added straight on with a minimum of fuss as I am not that technically minded. I've had a look at a couple of products that have been recommended on other sites, namely the System Gemini Butt Plates and the MEC Free Position butt-hook.

Has anyone fitted either of these to an EV2 specifically? Or are there any other recommendations from you EV2 shooters? It is primarily to improve my standing shots.

Thanks in advance

A butt hook will make your rifle fit you correctly into the shoulder if it's set up correctly !

The standard EV stock is useful , take the action out of the stock there are three locating screws , remove these , take it into your garden & knock it in the ground & grow some green beans up it.Failing that dig a hole and bury it.

But the only thing that will improve your standing shots is practice.

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