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Originally Posted by mark stenton View Post
Only just got around to this a week late. But congrats to best mate Andy pipkin eer mean andy calpin sorry i know it's easy to mix em up, Well is for me with having mixie myself. Congrats on ya wins in nefta winter leauges and making everyone else, bar none look like they've never picked an air rifle up. Well done marra.
I have been studying a picture of andy pipkin and andy calpin side by side for some 20 minutes now at first i was a little confused as to getting mixed up with them but then the penny drop and have discovred the following simalarities
The long locks of ginger rinse on andy pipkin may be a cast back to MR C's 70's era
The image of MR C sat innocently humming away to himself very much like andy pipkin in his own little world
The image in my head of MR C seeing a pellet drop 300 yards away lurching up whilst no body is looking shouting "I want that one"

Theese are the three simalarites i have noticed but if anyone else can add more please continue this thread
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