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I think it depends a little on the size of the kill zone. If it is a 40mm or even a 25mm at 8 or 9 yds then you can get away without using a CFA. If it is a 15mm then without the CFA you will be susceptible to quite large parallax errors i.e. head position has to be the same as when you did the calibration (clicks or hold over). With the CFA and in focus there shouldn't be any parallax error but there may (apparently, not sure why) be a difference for the overlapping distances i.e. if it comes out as just over 10yds then better to flip the CFA out of the way and use the main settings. When you look at a 15mm on a course you very often see a "cloud" of shiny lead around the hole as just being a tiny bit out takes its toll. Your "8 or 9" may not be the same as someone else's "8 or 9" but as long as you have your combo calibrated your pellet will go where it should for your range setting. A big Nikko at 10x and close to the minimum focus has a huge parallax shift depending on where it is focussed - try it and amuse your friends as you do the nodding head dance :-)

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