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Originally Posted by greyskullnz View Post
Given the cost and distance, numbers attending may not be the issue you seem to think it will be Rob. Sotuh Africa was the example we took to work off, and if its a larger number than that attending,.....we will be up to it. Do you think around 300 would be a reasonable figure to expect to put through a 50 shot course in a day?

South Africa was 3 courses, and took 4-5 hours to shoot with 120 shooters? Italy took 6 hours to shoot with 3 courses, and that was 225? So 300 shooters, I reckon you could be looking at 8+ hours potentially.

As we've said, if 300 is the desired amount, then the time per lane has to be dropped. If 300 shooters are to be put on 3 courses, then that's 100 shooters per course, 4 shooters per lane. If you have 3 mins per lane then that's 12 mins per lane + change over, so say perhaps 15 mins tops? That means it's possible for it to take 6 1/2 hours. Considering Italy took 6 hours, i'd say people are taking more than 3 mins to switch over.

The time needs to drop, or there needs to be more courses... ie 4 courses shot over 4 days, or 2 mins per lane from bum on seat. If not, I don't see how a 150 target course will take 300 shooters in a day without it being extremely long. I'd like to say people shoot quick and move on, but that doesn't happen, and you only need one slow group and one of the courses is backed up.

From doing the air calculations for Norway, Andy is looking at about 30 x 12L 300 bar bottles for the shooters. 300 will need twice as much, possibly a lot more if 20ft-lb are around, depending on how many.

There are 30 countries in the WFTF. Given that means 240 for 30 x 8 man teams, that leaves just 2 places per NGB on top. I don't know how the WFTF sees future events running when there's possibly only 10 people shooting from the host nation. Germany could have the very same issues we have had this year as it's a central European location which is cheap for most countries to attend.

These are the points raised so far but there doesn't seem to be answers coming back from the federation.

It's nothing to do with who hosts something, don't get me wrong, it's to do with very real potential issues arising and there seemingly being a lack of discussion about them.
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