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In all my years shooting i can honestly say ive never had a DNF or thrown a hissy fit...I've been close a couple of times usually just resulting in a few choice words to myself and/or a kicked bean bag. Last years gathering was close to being a DNF though, Suffering with man flu, being soaked through thanks to a non waterproof "waterproof" jacket and being slightly the worse for wear after trying to kill the flu virus with alcohol the night before I couldn't blow my track record though and stuck it out, all the time questioning my sanity
I have seen some quite spectacular paddies in the past though with my favourite of all time being about 10-12yrs ago when a extremely serious trophy hunting FT shooter blew a gasket big style and lauched his Anschutz/custom shop combo a good 10yds plus over the firing line when things weren't quite going his way A cease fire was called and he had to do the walk of shame to collect his rifle before being told in no uncertain terms to sling his hook and dont come back Strangely he wasn't seen on the circuit much after that

Remember folks...Its only a game
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