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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
Surely power can't be an issue in NZ Rob? Affiliation to WFTF requires the use of 12ft/lb as the format for the Worlds. Or will it be a gesture side shoot like it used to be in the States.

Yes we hope that there will be a side event, "not World Champion status" for higher power rifles. It may be a "Pacific Championship" where Australia and New Zealand and/or USA are able to compete within their legal limits. It will not impinge upon the running or timing of the main event.

"2014 World Champion" will be 12 ft/lbs and WFTF rules prevail (whatever their form and format at that stage). That is our undertaking.


Given the cost and distance, numbers attending may not be the issue you seem to think it will be Rob. Sotuh Africa was the example we took to work off, and if its a larger number than that attending,.....we will be up to it. Do you think around 300 would be a reasonable figure to expect to put through a 50 shot course in a day?

You will remember South Africa seemed a long day's shooting due to the heat and terrain, and we can avoid that. It'll be good underfoot, sub-temperate and neither a hike nor compacted. We've been watching the last few Worlds events and locations and trying to decide what was good about them and what to avoid where possible.

Confirmation, as you know has to come through the official channels

I'm not a Governor of NZAFTA any more having stepped down, but am co-ordinating the Worlds 2014 up till then and handing over to the host club at that time.....who are also involved in planning.

Our guys are getting their equipment sorted, upskilling with some help and competition, and we should be able to give you a run for your money by then........

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