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Originally Posted by cwprice View Post
Tried them, dont like them.
10 yds should be clear.
9 yds turn down to 10 x
8 yds just out of focus on 10 x
Without a rail or extensions you may have to go other one complete revolution of the turret.
Some nikko's go down to 8 or 9 yds some dont. Very easy to adjust by turning the end bell carrier.
A Nikko that is taken below 10 yards minimum focus does not range as well at the top end - the gaps get smaller between 50 and 55 yards.

I have tried this on a mk1 and mk2 - both suffer the same. Not tried it on a mk3 but assume it will be same.

As with most things - a gain in one thing has to be paid for by a loss in another.
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