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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
NZ have gone all quiet after all this

Reading between the lines I anticipate November is the month and that they couldn't hold it in 2013 so Germany somehow obliged after requesting to be put back on the list by 3 yrs.
If they can't host it in 2014 they will go to the bottom of the list as that will be their third move!
We could have done 2013, offered to, but as mentioned, Germany changed their minds after initially declining. It is a better scenario than NZ rushing to host in 2013.

Primary legislation has been changed, and after enquiries to the Central Police Arms office; a Licence for overseas visitors is not stricly a requirement, membership of a bona fide shooting organization is helpful, an invitaion to an event is helpful, and completion of a firearms safety course is mandatory as well as a solid (clean) criminal history. If you intend coming, plan to get your firearms safety training course completed a year beforehand and keep the evidence (certificate) to provide with the online application to NZ Police for an application for a Vistors permit (maximum 12 Months, minimum1 Month in advance of arrival). In light of this, 2014 makes sense. (Please note this applies to all PCP owners only, but spring/piston air rifle owners DO NOT require a visitors Licence/import permit).

Month of the event is looking around 2nd week of September (provisionally/not confirmed). Too late in October/ beginning of Novermber and you get the Equinox gales......August is too wet. Seasons are reversed but few extremes to contend with at sea level.

Venue booked, everything is already notch accommodation close by, 30 mins drive maximum from centre of the Capital city. That is all we can say for now.....We do not want to hijack this year's World's thread.

Perhaps another new Thread, started later on when We have been given more of a confirmation from WFTF through the proper channels.


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