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Originally Posted by Jamesy View Post
It wasn't meant as a criticism or form of attack, i was just trying to explain the current situation in my usual clumsy way, working off the WFTF rotating FT host country list i have.
Us in the background don't always have the full picture of what's happening and i was not putting down NZ.. or the other countries.. just trying to defend Andy and Norway.
It wasn't taken that way either.......but you know how forums tiny inaccuracy becomes truth after a while

We are fully aware of all concerns regarding enough places for entrants, and the time taken for a day's shooting too. I've read recent proposals and I think there is a lot of merit in the majority of what has been put forward. The game is advancing/evolving as participants at World level grow in numbers......which is a double edged sword I think we would all agree.

Our focus is to make our turn at the crease as enjoyable as possible for those who make the effort to travel here.

Kind regards

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