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Originally Posted by suds View Post
Has anyone tried out the CED Millennium mk2 chronograph, I would like to know how accurate and reliable they are. Thanks for your help. Dave

I have had one for about 6 months, I find it super reliable & accurate. I do strongly suggest you get the infrared screens for it, as without the screens, the same problems the Chrony & the Skan have with sunlight arise. I have cross checked CED M2 with a Skan, a Chrony (in good lighting conditions) & a Combro (that was working properly) and they are very similar.

CED has lots of good features like it will speak the velocities & the console/readout can be positioned near you, it also has very large numbers. The console is excellent all functions immediately available at the push of a button

It is a bit fiddly to set up & you need power for the infrared screens or the optional battery pack.

The next best chrono is the Oehler Model 35P System which is about $575 US so 575 (at least) + VAT + Import Duty + shipping

Hope that helps.
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