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Originally Posted by TOOL View Post
What i can't seem to grasp is why a strictly Open event has driffted into a Team event ???

But this seems to be only very recently ? is this correct ? 2008 onwards ???

Speaking to a lot of the guys that shot before i started so 5 + years ago it was strictly enter , turn up , shoot ! all to become World Champion in an Open World Championship event, with the England Team scenario been a bit of a side line almost like the manufacturers event in GP series.

Or am i wrong again !

Only my opinion.

Warm regards with a dash of Blue Stratos

Seems that way but I believe the numbers were a lot less then. Ive got some early score sheets to go up on the site so it will be interesting to see just how big or small the event used to be.
Bear in mind that Norway will be bigger than Hungary and much bigger than south africa. It's just the lag between organising it and the explosion of demand that has caused this. Everyone would love for it to be open but either we draw straws or let it become a free for all. I think the complaints would be more if that happened. But as ever it's down to the management committee of the EFTA to decide. Or not as the silent responses indicated when they were consulted 6 months ago.
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