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Originally Posted by TOOL View Post
What i can't seem to grasp is why a strictly Open event has driffted into a Team event ???

But this seems to be only very recently ? is this correct ? 2008 onwards ???

Speaking to a lot of the guys that shot before i started so 5 + years ago it was strictly enter , turn up , shoot ! all to become World Champion in an Open World Championship event, with the England Team scenario been a bit of a side line almost like the manufacturers event in GP series.

Or am i wrong again !

Only my opinion.

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The problem is Scott, the Norwegian's can't accomodate enough shooters to let everyone just register and turn up, plus because the sport is gaining more and more member countries each year more and more shooters are wanting to come play too, that added to the fact that Norway isn't at the ends of the earth and is closer to the european countries than say South africa for example means that even more folk are interested this time around... 300 into 170 just doesn't go.. so, there's going to be rather a lot of unhappy faces at the beginning of April.
Allocating 8 places per country to acommodate each team was the only way that Andy Kays cold do it from the start, then as either certain countries dropped out or individuals did he moved those spare places to where they were needed. At present there's us (England) Spain and Russia who have 13 places each, everyone else has less. So unless there's more drop outs... it doesn't look good for the rest of us.
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