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Default Kibworth 2012 Pistol Season

Hi folks, This Saturday sees the start of the 2012 Kibworth Pistol season. There will be a total of 9 competitions, each to be shot on the 3rd Saturday of the month from March to November inclusive.

I am going to be running this season in the same format as last year, that is:
25 knock-over type metal targets
2 bulls-eye type scoring cards (5 shots per card), one to be shot single handed, the other with a two-handed grip.
Iron Plate Action Shooting. The difference being that this year, competitors will shoot 5 strings of I.P.A.S instead of the 2 strings we did last year. Out of the 5 strings, the slowest time will be disregarded and the shooters average will be calculated from the remaining 4 strings.

For the HFT and bulls-eye targets there will be two Classes, Recoiling and non-recoiling, each with two sub divisions; Aided sights (Red dots, scopes, lasers etc.) and Iron Sights.
For I.P.A.S there will be 2 divisions Aided sights (Red dots, scopes, lasers etc.) and Iron sights.

There will be trophies or medals awarded to 3rd place in each of the classes and divisions described above. In order to qualify for a trophy or medal, the competitor MUST have submitted score cards for MINIMUM of 6 out of the 9 competitions.

The following pistols are allowed:
Multi-shot Co2/ air pistols(min 5 shots). This includes higher powered ‘Airsoft’ pistols such as the KJ Works Co2 powered models or similar. Pistols of this type need to meet the requirements regarding ammunition, see the Ammunition section in these rules.
TAC pistols. Only when, said pistols are recorded on a valid Firearms certificate, held by the competitor using said pistol.

Single shot (these are just totally unsuitable to the discipline)
Airsoft (This as far as IPAS is concerned, is defined as a pistol with a power level of less than 1 joule which fires 6mm or 8mm BB`s, regardless of propellant type used. This type of pistol does not normally destroy the BB’s on impact with the plates and carries an unacceptable risk of eye injury being caused by ricochet.

The following types of ammunition are allowed:
Lead or soft alloy based air pellets
Lead balls for use in air pistols
Plastic or soft metal BB’s (Plastic BB’s must be shot from a pistol with sufficient energy to break apart on impact with the target).

The following types of ammunition are NOT allowed on the IPAS range:
STEEL or HARD METAL based BB's (Due to their nature, these BB’s are NOT compatible with I.P.A.S competitions and will NOT be allowed as they ricochet off the steel plates and cause an unacceptable risk of someone receiving an eye injury.)

Kibworth have provided a Umarex Smith and Wesson 10 shot pistol with a 4 inch barrel and several spare clips along with ammunition and CO2 for this pistol, in order that those people who do not have a suitable pistol can still enjoy the competition. There will be No extra charge for use of this equipment.

We have decided to buck the trend of ever increasing price rises and will be charging the same entry fee as last year.
MEMBERS 4 (members WILL be required to prove membership and enter their membership number against their names on signing the Range Register).

I will post the scores on both the Airgun BBS and Shooting The Breeze Forums in order that you may all keep abreast of your progress. I will endeavour to do this by the end of the following day (Sunday) However, I am only a volunteer and sometimes this may not be possible but I will make every effort.

GOOD LUCK all of you and I look forward to seeing you all on the day.


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