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Originally Posted by TOOL View Post
Why don't you have a crack at GP's ,that will level you out especially if you move into AA.30 shot courses with 40mm kills are great for the ego , don't get me wrong you've still got to hit them but GP's will show your true abillity.
Moving grade parameters ? why don't you take a look at the 90% plus men , not many of them about but the ones that are out there are the true big hitters who have been shooting years not minutes i admire these guys, balls of steel , cut their teeth through the ranks.

Maybe the grade parameters could be tweaked slightly but 90% is unrealistic, i think a tweak of 5% through all grades might be a sensible move if this was the case it would drop me out of AA happened before to me but i opted to shoot up to AA and still strive to maintain that level.

Only my opinion for what it's worth , but instead on arseing about with NEFTA Hunter shoot some GP's and see what happens to your grade.
It is my intention to do some GPs this year, defo the 2 NEFTA ones, plus any others that I can do on the financial restraint of not working or having any state income at present, I set myself a kind of shooting budget and try and work within it. Having done GP7 (Redfearns) last year I realise there is a big difference between these and a winter league shoot and it shows when you shoot against the experienced top shooters who can get down on the first peg in a gale and can hit targets from word go, where it takes me a while to get into reading the conditions, hopefully it will all fall into place.

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