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Well Done to all it was a great day indeed.... not in any small part because I managed to bring home more trophies than Rob!!!!!!

I am still in shock and keep looking at my trophy and grinning like a cheshire cat!!!!

Thanks for all the support and as ever the showdown is a great place to not only catch up with friends but meet new ones too. I enjoyed round one very much haveing been drawn with my Bro in Law James Woodhead, next I was with Mick Kelly and we managed to laugh ourselves over the obstical course that was round two. Thanks to Tony from North Oxon for sharing 40 targets with me it was neck and neck till the end. Neil the deserving winner of the plate - I take my hat off to you for managing to shoot so damn well even after 100 shots. A most enjoyable final all feelings of pain and exhaustion were easily pushed aside when remembering that I had got myself a trophy and I was in the final

All my hard work physio wise has helped my back no end and although I did take a rather copious amount of pain killers am pleased to have got throught the day even if by the final I could hardly pick the gun up let alone focus on any targets!!!

Well Done Neil - well deserved and bloody good shooting.

Better congratulate the other half (especially as he only got 1 trophy and I got 2!!!!). Great shooting Rob, thats 2 years in a row..... going to go for the third next year?!?!?

Well Done goes out to all the Winter League trophy winners too - I am happy to say that the Buccaneers were well represented in the trophies this year - Notably Geoff Ames in C (well deserved Geoff), Mick Winstanley 2nd in B (Grrr I will get you next year!!! - But well done my friend), Steve Privett 2nd AA and the Gary Wells - so close to overall winner but you are our champion Steve - well done. I managed a 3rd in B overall so Bucc's Rule!!!!

Thanks to all who make the showdown great fun. Roll on the inter-regionals

Hmmm..... We will need a bigger TV for my trophies..... maybe a cabinet is needed.....
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