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Question Grade Leveller

Originally Posted by plattitude View Post
I will be very very happy to shoot in AA grade if I am put in that grade by the powers that be, I shoot every shoot wanting to clear it but my ability sometimes lets me down, most notably when the wind duth blow so I need to work on this factor to give me more consistancy in my shooting.
Please don't read the BANTER regarding grades into anything else but that, and look at it this way, if all my scores had been submitted last year to the BFTA I may have been shooting in B GRADE this year.

Originally Posted by paul4be View Post
Paul mate, I know how you look at things having spoken to you often enough. My comments were not directed at you in particular, and certainly not a grumble. Just the reality of things and you made a handy example

You have shot an absolute blinder this year, as have a few others. All credit to you, and you have all given the rest of us something to go for next year.

However, such a large proportion of the top of any grade shooting so well into the next grade does perhaps suggest that it may need looking at??
Originally Posted by paul4be View Post
Sorry I am just quoting NEFTA scores here, but it's what I shot in. Looking at the counting 9 out of 11 scores form the winter league, nearly 30% of those in AA had an average over 90%. Perhaps slightly less would work, who knows.
Why don't you have a crack at GP's ,that will level you out especially if you move into AA.
30 shot courses with 40mm kills are great for the ego , don't get me wrong you've still got to hit them but GP's will show your true abillity.
Moving grade parameters ? why don't you take a look at the 90% plus men , not many of them about but the ones that are out there are the true big hitters who have been shooting years not minutes i admire these guys, balls of steel , cut their teeth through the ranks.

Maybe the grade parameters could be tweaked slightly but 90% is unrealistic, i think a tweak of 5% through all grades might be a sensible move if this was the case it would drop me out of AA happened before to me but i opted to shoot up to AA and still strive to maintain that level.

Only my opinion for what it's worth , but instead on arseing about with NEFTA Hunter shoot some GP's and see what happens to your grade.
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