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Originally Posted by Tackleberry View Post
There seems to be a multitude of opinion out there, but what are the best recommendations to improve consistancy of the EV2? Floating the barrel, Sleeving the barrel, Reg mods, trigger mods etc etc.

There are so many variations of EV2's on the circuit, but who's is THE best?

Theres not a lot to do....floating the barrel is one of the main things if you are getting poi shift...some do some dont depends if the barel is held under tension by the collor ring on the air cylinder..Most of all like any gun tweek the stock a bit try it for a few weeks and then try something else...ive spent about 2 years getting mine comfy for me and ive ended up with......
DG scope enhancer (shaped to suit my face)
System Gemini butt hook
AJP Scope rail
Enlarged palm rest (im making them my self)
Button Trigger as apposed to the blade
adjustable stainless weight on the accsesory rail
and small leather bean bag filled with dry rice on the hamster
But having said that just because all that suits me after 2 years of trying different things dosnt mean it will work for you....
Theres pics of andy calpins ev2 in aprils edition of airgun can get some ideas from there...
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