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Originally Posted by paul4be View Post
Not sure about that one Paul. I do think that grades should perhaps be based on the last "season". So for example grades would be amended based the recent winter league shoots. That would mean for example that those who are now clearly AA grade now would move to the proper grade, rather than sitting on top of those who are more realistically A grade, as a result of their grades being based on scores from the year before as well when they may have been shooting in a lower grade (such as the case with you Paul).

There are a bunch of you at the top of NEFTA A who have all shot way above A grade standards, leaving us mear mortals way behind. Now obviously the rest of us need to up our game, but under current grading bands, your last season's score put you well above A grade.

Fred's idea of a AAA grade, perhaps over 90% even might not be a bad idea though??
I will be very very happy to shoot in AA grade if I am put in that grade by the powers that be, I shoot every shoot wanting to clear it but my ability sometimes lets me down, most notably when the wind duth blow so I need to work on this factor to give me more consistancy in my shooting.
Please don't read the BANTER regarding grades into anything else but that, and look at it this way, if all my scores had been submitted last year to the BFTA I may have been shooting in B GRADE this year.

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