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Originally Posted by fredyninefingers View Post
Bfta grading list has you with only 5 scores counted add them to the 11 this w/ lge it all totals 1299.4 which= 81.21 % so on there your AA.....unless I,m wrong wouldn,t want you to miss out mate,atb Fred
Thats most kind of you Fred
I did forget my GP7 score which alters my total UP by 1 so no real difference there, and it is sods law that my scores on the BFTA site are my higher scores and a score of 45.8% which was shot inbetween my 82.3% and 82.8% was not entered .
No real problem with this for me and I will say on here Well done to all the stats guy's and gal's you do a brilliant job. I shoot for the enjoyment of the sport and if the odd trophy comes along then even better, my first thought on a shoot is how has the team done and again if I have managed to help the team then even better still.
Wether I am in AA or A grade next judgement day I will still go out and try to do my best on the day,and just try and enjoy it

p.s. For me the Grades want tweeking and there was a thread on here some time back on this subject, but I guess nothing happened regarding this. IMO 85% should be the minimum required to get into AA grade as to me its getting a little crowded up there.

I will enjoy your's and everyone else's company on the firing line in what must be the best region in the country.

*** on NEFTA.

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