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Default still 2 horses?

Originally Posted by Dave Ramshead View Post
Simon, it takes time and commitment & talent to reach the levels of the 3 guys you named. At the end of the day, it's a sport that doesn't discriminate against size, age or gender, a 55y target is what it is for everyone - but it is a sport that rewards effort. There's no substitute for quality range time, fudging the rules shouldn't be considered imho.
I cant say i disagree at at all, about the first bits. the suggestion about the rule change is just an idea to make it less of a two horse race.

Originally Posted by paul4be View Post
No it wouldn't. You are in effect "dumbing down" the shoot to bring things down to a lower standard, rather than expecting others to raise their game to achieve a specific standard. It is down to any region to field the best team that they can. If the team within a region does not happen to suit a shooter in that region, that is unfortunate. It is however down to the clubs within that region to encourage new shooters and aim to raise the bar for themselves.
It is not a positive step to pull others down to a level, rather than expect people to raise their own game. Regions such as NEFTA put a great deal of effort into the clubs, comps and shooters within the region. I am sure that other regions do also. In effect, you seem to want to penalise regions because they have a good team?
How much help and coaching do you give to new shooters in your region?? Wanting a closer comp is great, but should be as a result of better shooting not juggling figures to suit a specific agenda.
The idea is not to dumb down the competion. Course standards i would leave as they are, newbury crew usually do a great job in putting out the course.
The idea is where a region does not have 10 AA class shooters that can be sent to the inters, reducing it to say 6-8 would get their final scores closer to the winners.
As i previously said. it may be that some regions just dont have the shooters that wil reach the top Aa standard ever, not everyone is able to reach the top of their chosen sport.
As for new shooters in my region, well i cant speak for the region as each club is their own. however anyone who comes to tondu is helped as much as we / i can. I have taught myself over the last 6 years to go from C - AA by watching, talking, listening and studying pics of the top shooters. and buying an Ev2
We helped Mathew "Ringer" Cook who stormed the first three Gp of last year in C lass and i would like to think Peter Jacob has learnt from myself and as i have done, others around the UK.
So we try at tondu and theoretically i would say wafta is a stronger raegion now than 5 years ago.
However there are still regions that struggle to even make the full 10 counting shots, ie Scotland and Swefta usually. Saying that i understand there is likley to be 10 from sweffta this year, but mostly of lower C - A grade shooters?
Just looking at ways of making it a level playing field for all?

Originally Posted by ascoughc View Post
i think it should be left as it is. thats like trying to change the rules of the world championships just so that someone from england cant win it as they have won it the most times. at the end of the day the best team or individual should win without trying to disadvantage them with rules or other changes.
Not sure as it was my first time but it seems the worlds rule are shifting to suit non uk shooters, but thats another thread.

Originally Posted by AIRFIX GILLY View Post
I totally agree with this chap`s post.
BFTA Grading Q's to;
sorry wont answer Bfta q's on forums, Cant keep track of replies etc!
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