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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
So with the winter series around the various regions drawing to a close, its nearly time for the "start" of the summer season and Bfta champs and inters.

It strikes me however that really its a two horse race between MFTA and NEFTA??

Now that may ruffle a few feathers but I will put money on that being the 1 -2 or 2 - 1 come the final standings in a few weeks?

The reason is both regions have a higher number of top shooters who can or at least should put in good scores come the day.

so, to balance things out and make it a tougher fight, would lowering the number of counting scores be a good move?

eg. we leave it at 15 man teams as i believe this is about all we can squeeze intot he day.

However, if there were say only the best 6, 7 or 8 scores to count, I think it would allow other regions to field a team with a better chance of taking the title?

An idea or not?

It cant happen this year but may be time to set the ball rlling for 2013?

No it wouldn't. You are in effect "dumbing down" the shoot to bring things down to a lower standard, rather than expecting others to raise their game to achieve a specific standard. It is down to any region to field the best team that they can. If the team within a region does not happen to suit a shooter in that region, that is unfortunate. It is however down to the clubs within that region to encourage new shooters and aim to raise the bar for themselves.

It is not a positive step to pull others down to a level, rather than expect people to raise their own game. Regions such as NEFTA put a great deal of effort into the clubs, comps and shooters within the region. I am sure that other regions do also. In effect, you seem to want to penalise regions because they have a good team?

How much help and coaching do you give to new shooters in your region?? Wanting a closer comp is great, but should be as a result of better shooting not juggling figures to suit a specific agenda.

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