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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
So with the winter series around the various regions drawing to a close, its nearly time for the "start" of the summer season and Bfta champs and inters.

It strikes me however that really its a two horse race between MFTA and NEFTA??

Now that may ruffle a few feathers but I will put money on that being the 1 -2 or 2 - 1 come the final standings in a few weeks?

The reason is both regions have a higher number of top shooters who can or at least should put in good scores come the day.

so, to balance things out and make it a tougher fight, would lowering the number of counting scores be a good move?

eg. we leave it at 15 man teams as i believe this is about all we can squeeze intot he day.

However, if there were say only the best 6, 7 or 8 scores to count, I think it would allow other regions to field a team with a better chance of taking the title?

An idea or not?

It cant happen this year but may be time to set the ball rlling for 2013?
Although not a current FT shooter, this seems wrong in many ways.

It looks like you are trying to penalise the MFTA & NEFTA for being strong competitive regions and give a leveller to regions who have not put the effort in to develop interest & shooting talent.

Surely its up to others to raise their own game (without being creative with the rules or format) not handicap the guys & girls who put the effort in.

just my 2p
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