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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Sure... but then what about regions that can't put 6 in?

Well if they cant manage 6, they certainly are not currently managing 10 !!

Making the courses easier won't change who wins, in the same way as making them harder doesn't. The stronger shooters rise to the top. You may get more chance of something odd happening, but you'd be looking for 6 shooters who clear or shoot 39's instead. That isn't going to be in the reach of a weaker region.

I disagree with you. Make a course esier and a B or a class shooter has almost as good a chance of winning as a AA as they wont miss as many. however making the course harder means only Aa (should) win

Besides, i think it's more about the team than winning. Every year i hear about people proud to have made our team for the first or another time. Cut 5 out of that and there's 5 less smiling faces at a shoot, and it's more about racehorses.

I did not merntion cutting out or adding any. I said leave it at 15.

If anything, i'd say make it the other way. Make it 20 with 15 to count. Measure strength and depth from the regions... otherwise you could just revolve the inters around a few who do Gp's each year.

Thats the way it is, the winning inter team will be on the whole made up of top Gp shooters.
How many from Nefta are regular gp shooters and How many from CSFTA?
Make it 15 and there will just be a wider gap between the top teams scores and the lower ones

I think we need to start bolting down residence and region membership. You can't be a rep for SWEFTA, live in WAFTA, and then shoot for MFTA,

As it happens Rob your seemingly personal attack on me is wrong, i dont shoot for Mfta..

I cant help but say "pot calling kettle black" as you spent last year winning in the Swefta region and took the Swefta Title. then you shot for Csfta
sorry rob but i think you need to re-think your statement. You only last year said to me when we were shooting winter CSFTa events you thaught it was wrong that when a shooter was shooting out of region that the then Bfta grading officer was not accepting scores of the out of region shooter.
Thats chamged with me doing the grading, as you wanted it to and indeed as some Mfta shooters have queeried of late?


I am likley to be shooting mfta for winter again 2012/13 and may even be a mfta shooter, as is my travelling partner Peter Jacob.
It's not a personal attack.

I don't agree that if you shoot for a country, you should be allowed on another nation's governing body representing another country's region. I've said the same to another shooter who does the same. Pick your country and your region, but i do not think it correct to pick both and vote on matters where there is conflict of interest. I don't agree that you should be able to represent a region and then step back into representing a completely different country when that suits. Pick one, stick with it. If you move physical location, that alters things slightly, but i still say you should stick with repping a region in one country only.

Like you say, there's nothing in the rules against it. But then there's nothing in the rules about AA regional shooters not putting grades in so they can win C grade on their first GP series, but we know that's not right either. Like you say, it was changed, for the better.

I shoot for CSFTA because it's was my first club's region. If I was allowed to shoot for SWEFTA that would give me a choice. But I'm not allowed to. All the time i'm still a member of CGC i'll be CSFTA and since i'm 4 miles away from that club and 45 miles away from my nearest SWEFTA one, I expect that will be for a while. Meon maybe putting in my card because it will be easier, and because I organised 2 shoots there this year over my home club (CGC) who couldn't provide adequate ground this year. Looks like next year they could now. I'll be aiming to stick with both, and do both, cos I reckon both could benefit.

If SWEFTA ruled to only have purely SWEFTA card holders listed in their comps, like CSFTA does it would not bother me, after all it happens in my own region. All our grades are entered as a matter of course, but i can sympathise with someone not wanting to have them in if they never intend to shoot a GP. If they do, they should translate across from their region. If they are in the top grade, be it only A or called Top Bombers, they go in the equivalent top national grade.

If you cull the course to make it easier, what do people have to aspire to? MFTA & NEFTA are strong because they have lots of grounds and people putting in a lot of work, with a friendly and competitive atmosphere. If it was a case of just turning up and rolling a dice then I think the motivation would be dampened. There'd be no need of putting in the work to make a great region to build a great team pool because anyone and their granny could rock up and chuck some lead. I'm all for all inclusive in the sport, i think most people know that of me, but there are times when showing who is top dog is important because of what brings with it. For me that happens to be my respect of what those regions are able to produce and the motivation to look at my own region and aspire to be able to one day come close. I asked TC about 5 years ago how they did what they did and he sat down and took the time to answer me. It seemed to make good sense. How many do MFTA and NEFTA have attending WL matches?

Most of CSFTA's 15 are GP shooters. Some may do 1-2 local ones, some used to do loads and now don't, but there's not many in the top 25 that haven't had GP experience of at least a few rounds. But year on year there has been the growing desire to increase regional attendances, rounds in the series, and the level of competition. It's not a 5 min job, and but it is moving in the right direction because people make the effort to support their region. We have people taking the time and guts to do things when there seemingly is no payback. The most remote club in the region now boasts more members attending than some of the central ones. We've had the second best attendances in over 5 years, the largest core of shooters ever, and the most amount of grounds.We have old shooters returning, and new shooters taking their own scalps. Next year we hope to have more. That's what trying to compete with the best brings.
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