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[QUOTE=RobF;83814]Sure... but then what about regions that can't put 6 in?

Well if they cant manage 6, they certainly are not currently managing 10 !!

Making the courses easier won't change who wins, in the same way as making them harder doesn't. The stronger shooters rise to the top. You may get more chance of something odd happening, but you'd be looking for 6 shooters who clear or shoot 39's instead. That isn't going to be in the reach of a weaker region.

I disagree with you. Make a course esier and a B or a class shooter has almost as good a chance of winning as a AA as they wont miss as many. however making the course harder means only Aa (should) win

Besides, i think it's more about the team than winning. Every year i hear about people proud to have made our team for the first or another time. Cut 5 out of that and there's 5 less smiling faces at a shoot, and it's more about racehorses.

I did not merntion cutting out or adding any. I said leave it at 15.

If anything, i'd say make it the other way. Make it 20 with 15 to count. Measure strength and depth from the regions... otherwise you could just revolve the inters around a few who do Gp's each year.

Thats the way it is, the winning inter team will be on the whole made up of top Gp shooters.
How many from Nefta are regular gp shooters and How many from CSFTA?
Make it 15 and there will just be a wider gap between the top teams scores and the lower ones

I think we need to start bolting down residence and region membership. You can't be a rep for SWEFTA, live in WAFTA, and then shoot for MFTA,

As it happens Rob your seemingly personal attack on me is wrong, i dont shoot for Mfta..

I cant help but say "pot calling kettle black" as you spent last year winning in the Swefta region and took the Swefta Title. then you shot for Csfta
sorry rob but i think you need to re-think your statement. You only last year said to me when we were shooting winter CSFTa events you thaught it was wrong that when a shooter was shooting out of region that the then Bfta grading officer was not accepting scores of the out of region shooter.
Thats chamged with me doing the grading, as you wanted it to and indeed as some Mfta shooters have queeried of late?


BFTA Grading Q's to;
sorry wont answer Bfta q's on forums, Cant keep track of replies etc!
BFTA updates on

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