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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Tighter competion is what i would like to see rob.
Its like the home internatioanls, a complete waste of time (apart from a scottish **** up) as Scotland nor Wales could put in as strong a side as England.
The only thing that could have been done there was to put an easier course out so the lower grade shooter that (for example) wales had in the side could still put in a good score. It never happened though and courses were always hard which suited the side with the largest number of AA shooters, England. did they ever loose a home international?

So where as now we have 10 Mfta (for example) shooters that will put in 35 at newbury, Wafta (e.g.) may only have 6 that can match 35 and four that will be 30.
so really unless regions are happy just making the numbers up to me the inters is not truly a Uk wide regional, its just two or perhaps three every now and again.
Sure... but then what about regions that can't put 6 in? Or what about the regions that can put 6 38's in.

IIRC MFTA and NEFTA's average was 35+ last year... That means out of the 10 there's a good chance 5 came in with 37-38 while the other 5 came in with 33-34's...

Making the courses easier won't change who wins, in the same way as making them harder doesn't. The stronger shooters rise to the top. You may get more chance of something odd happening, but you'd be looking for 6 shooters who clear or shoot 39's instead. That isn't going to be in the reach of a weaker region.

Besides, i think it's more about the team than winning. Every year i hear about people proud to have made our team for the first or another time. Cut 5 out of that and there's 5 less smiling faces at a shoot, and it's more about racehorses.

If anything, i'd say make it the other way. Make it 20 with 15 to count. Measure strength and depth from the regions... otherwise you could just revolve the inters around a few who do Gp's each year.

I think we need to start bolting down residence and region membership. You can't be a rep for SWEFTA, live in WAFTA, and then shoot for MFTA, then when it comes to worlds, suddenly revert to being WAFTA at the worlds. I can't see how you're actually elligible to shoot for WAFTA at the worlds as it stands now...
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