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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
If you're talking about making it closer, it's got to be tighter. You don't want something random like Holly's fluking a stunner and taking the title... can you imagine how long we'd hear about it for? Cripes it would be worse than Wales winning it.

It's not the winning, it's the thought that counts
Tighter competion is what i would like to see rob.
Its like the home internatioanls, a complete waste of time (apart from a scottish **** up) as Scotland nor Wales could put in as strong a side as England.
The only thing that could have been done there was to put an easier course out so the lower grade shooter that (for example) wales had in the side could still put in a good score. It never happened though and courses were always hard which suited the side with the largest number of AA shooters, England. did they ever loose a home international?

So where as now we have 10 Mfta (for example) shooters that will put in 35 at newbury, Wafta (e.g.) may only have 6 that can match 35 and four that will be 30.
so really unless regions are happy just making the numbers up to me the inters is not truly a Uk wide regional, its just two or perhaps three every now and again.

Originally Posted by HotShot View Post
A few years ago MFTA came third and last year I know NEFTA was pushed hard and only just managed 2nd place.

So its not always the pushover you may think
Perhaps so, but I think it would be better if every region had a good chance of winning?

Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
Cant see it changing, u could always join a mfta or a nefta club to taste a bit of victory at the inters, only problem for u is, u might not get in either team
Well it in theory would suit Mfta and Nefta if it stays as it is. however if the other regions voted for it it could change for 2013. As i said, just an idea after talking to shooters from various regions.
As it happens Mark, I am likley to be shooting mfta for winter again 2012/13 and may even be a mfta shooter, as is my travelling partner Peter Jacob.
In all honesty I think both of us could qualify for either team on recent standards?

Originally Posted by HotShot View Post
We did modify the way the teams work in NEFTA for this Winter League that has just ended. It used to have the top 6 scores to count and we modified it to the top 4 scores to try and allow smaller clubs (or clubs with less FT shooters) to compete.

Redfearns finally cleaned up in the team events but it did seem quite close for a while
so making the teams slightly smaller did potentially work then Dave?

As son of yours has pointed out with two of the strongest mfta shooters switching to Nefta for 2013 it will only make Nefta even harder to beat next year?
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