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I don't think anyone was complaining about you ... just using that as an example.

I think there are options for disabled shooters but it would be difficult to set courses that accomodate every disability. The sport involves shooting kneelers and standers. Those that can't kneel can stand.

In the few shoots that I've done this winter it does seem that course setting now has become as much of a competition as actually shooting the rifles. Lots of shots that bring as much into question the person's size, physic, flexibility and ability to get into certain positions rather than their ability to shoot accurately. No one wants bland courses where we have all shots on a freshly mown flat lawn ... but all shots should be able to be shot within reasonable contortion by kids, ladies, dwarfs, giants and the 'normal' without them having to pull the trigger whilst all their muscles are twitching.

I posed in a position yesterday that was pefectly legal but totally rediculous but gave a dead solid stance for an elevated shot. I didn't actually take the shot like that ... I actually shot it kneeling ... but it did show how silly we can make this.

I'm just going to waffle on edit as I'm bored and just poured a beer ...

Virtually all courses are set out within a few days of the shoot. The weather forecast will be pretty accurate within a few days. So check out the wind on the forecast. So if it's looking quite windy then you don't need to worry too much about making it too hard as the wind will provide enough misses. If the wind is looking calm then get the 25mm 40 yarders out. Plenty of distance on the unsupported stander and kneeler and a couple of off the peg shots ... all with minimum allowed kills ... will give more misses. It's not Yoga FT. Extreme shoots ok ... go mad ... but not normal shoots.

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