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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Ok, without considering high or low... does holding off for wind cause more of an error, does it make the circle of groups change, become bigger?
Exactly, this has nothing to do with scope height.

Note that canting error circles for an average FT rifle have a radius of 20-30 cm on the greater distances. If you cant the rifle with a few degrees, this means a few cm difference in windage (4-5 mm for each degree) but is negligible in elevation. Holding off for the windage + canting has the opposite effect, it moves the POI rather in elevation (but this adds to the original canting error). The conclusion is the same again: do use that bubble level.

I think this all is much more interesting for the HFT shooters who are not allowed to use levels and the canting error is a real issue for them.
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