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Originally Posted by maestro View Post
And what is the difference? You may look through a high or low scope, if both are zeroed to the given distance (and they are) your rifle underneath will be in the totally same position.
Yep, I see what you're saying. The error will be the same then.

Ok, without considering high or low... does holding off for wind cause more of an error, does it make the circle of groups change, become bigger?

I'm just thinking that if you cant, and you aim at say 3 o'clock on a kill, and the wind blows from the right, if you are level it should hit on a line across to 9 o'clock. But if you cant then you may hit on a line down to 8 or up to 10 o'clock. It was my thinking that the stronger the wind, the effect of the cant makes the vertical change greater... so although it's important to remove cant, and it's not worse for high scopes, in high wind removing cant becomes even more critical...
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