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Surprising to see so much interest in my shooting position.

There werre a lot of factors why I had to turn that far to take the shot, for example , my gun was away being repaired, the club gun I was using I didn't touch until I got to the venue( so no time for any needed scope movement ) , with no scope movement the eye relief was so bad tht I had to hold the gun foward from my shoulder and especially with the photo in question.this made the whole soot very difficult.

No-one would think that I had an unfair advantage with the score I got , I think the only person I beat that day was a junior and I think that was more by luck than judgement as there was one point difference.

In reference to the peg in question, I'm fit , but we should all be thinking of people that aren't as fortunate, as I did see that day a gentleman that had sticks to walk, how diificut must it be for him to do kneelers and standers etc

All comments wecome.

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