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Originally Posted by SimpleSimon View Post
No worries, Kieran.

I just realised that, as it's a Mk.1, my advice about the anti-beartrap was useless - as the anti-beartrap wasn't fitted until the Mk.2!

I know Alan mentioned this already, but there is a large, metal piston weight in front of the spring on the standard set up. These can get jammed inside the piston and take some persuasion to remove. Did yours definitely come out when you removed the original spring?

i missed that chance Simon yes the piston weight does keep coming up , everyone i have spoken to says this , one guy even said it may require heat to remove the weight or washers as thy could have been in there some years .
i am sure kieran knows wether the weight is in or out so perhaps it comes back to washers.

i also still reckon a word with Steve Pope is a good idea i have always found him more than helpful
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