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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Good day at Mendips today. missed five and took the win by a narrow 1 from Steve Franklin and my AA team mate little Jack. I would not have put money on jack missing target 40 though!

anyway, turns out i am not yet a 40 inch waiste lol and my new shooting trousers were to say the least tight in the crotch area.
Missed target 3, 45 yard kneeler up tree and i wobbled as one ball went left while the ohter right! Missed 4 through wind, 35 y kneeler that i gave 3 edge and it clipped 9.
Target 24 was a55 y that i gave 3 edge to and pellet went right, first of the day to do so.
T31 was about 52 that i dropped low onto at 7, might have been another wobble as it was another of the excellent angled shots on the course, this one being uphill meant the balls came into pklay again lol
T37 was another W shot. Wobbled on another long uphiller.

so, I think its time the shorts came out and freedom returned lol.

with no 1 luep and exacts straight from the tin but lubbed. However, seems the pellet pouch is absorbing the lube if pellets are left in there so really i think i used "once upon a time" lubed pellets as they felt dry to the touch!
Put a plastic bag in your pellet pouch, a cash money bag will do, u could even put my tenner in there for safe keeping right up untill the inevetable handing over of the tenner to me, 35x40 not bad.! i shot a 37x40 today.... keep practicing kid, im sure u will get into AA in the end
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