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Thanks to all the guys and gals that have made my first winter league such a belter !!!
Thanks to all that have put up with me, and to all of the folks behind the scenes without whom the league wouldn't run.

Was going to add a thanks to Trev, but the b*stard still managed to catch me for a raffle ticket, wouldn't mind if I'd won something at some point. Bloody Stanbridge yet again

A cracking course today, plenty of sneaky targets to catch people due to the wind fairies tiptoeing through the trees

Out of interest, is the C shoot off finished yet ??????????????

Well done to all those who won shiny things. It was nice to see that the smile on Calp's face was biggest when free pellets were there for the picking up. I was surprised to see however that the dropped pellets didn't hit the back of his head, guess that he must be slowing down

See you folks at the summer shoots, in the mean time, have a good one!
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