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Originally Posted by Grayling View Post
2kgs which we put into a shoe box sealed with parcel tape. Pot Noodles are particular favourites, Quavers, strong flavoured crisps like Bovril, Cheese and Onion, sweets, Super Noodles, biscuits obviously not chocalate. Don't forget deoderants of the roll on variety, baby wipes, shower gel etc. No glass jars or bottles, no pressurised containers, no chocolate IT MELTS!!

Pack any spare space out with any recent magazines, toilet rolls or bags of crisps.

You can fill a 2kg shoe box for 5, the post is now free. Put a little note in from yourself with your address on it so the guy who gets the parcel can answer. Then send the next one directly to him.
The chaps in our post room at work are putting some boxes aside for me if anyone is stuck? Andrea is going to get her form to send some off when school starts up again.

Gary can you give us an address to send them to please?

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