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It is a fact that the "Holder" of the rifle is responsible in law for the power output of that rifle.

If an AT fitted rifle goes over power you are in possession of a Section 1 Firearm, without the relevant certificate. This is an Absolute Offence so no "Intent" has to be proved, just the fact that the rifle is over power. You are stuck with this illegal rifle until such time as you can get it back to the manufacturer.
Why should anyone be put in this position ?

If this is now a problem, why hasn't it been so for the last 30 + years modern PCP's have been available. Why now when it's acknowledged airgun crime is actually falling.
Just how many crimes have been committed with vastly over powered PCP's. I suspect not many.

Why should the Home Office suddenly (well 6 years ago) decide there's a problem when there are obviously far greater concerns about other things.

The burning question has to be why is it being kept so secret that even customers are not being informed about it, or their rights to have the power adjusted FOC.

AT is very near being swept under the carpet, WHY ?

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