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Conor, if you shoot at 50 m with an average FT-rifle which is zeroed at 49 m (say misranged and set to 49) you will shoot low with 5.9 mm (5 cm high scope) or 4.9 mm (10 cm high scope). But the pellet drop is 280 mm so there will be not too much difference between the canting error circles, every 1 canting means 4.8 mm offset for both cases. This is negligible, compared to the many inches which we have to give for the wind.

Strictly theoretically, when you misranged, shooting low reduces canting error and shooting high increases the error. Since the amount of increase/decrease is less with a higher scope, if you under ranged then the lower scope is better and if over ranged then the higher one.

"Theoretically, there's no difference between theory and practice. But practically..."
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