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Originally Posted by AIRFIX GILLY View Post
Is Andras a mathematical genius?? Having looked at the dater he`s just posted I think so!
Andras, I am too currently working on a project of my own in applied mathematics and maybe you can add the final answer as I`m struggling I`ve consulted my professor but he`s stuck.
I`m working on what the probability is on Marc fisher missing a target. My equation so far is:-

V=785 ft per sec
F=4.67% per sec
m=8.44 grain pellet
W=4.77m per second
X= human error
Y= size of kill
Z= distance from target

V x m (w - f)2 x Z3 x Z to the power 4 divided by 8.44 + Y (40mm) X X to the power 5 = ??? help ???

what do you think??
The only project uve been working on, is how long does it take u to blow up your rubber dwarf doll, shouldnt take to long, i would have thought, shes only small.. but prob looks big to u...
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