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Originally Posted by Weevie View Post
Not quite so, or not quite so within reason.

Steyr (I am reliably informed) are now engineering their guns so that they can be adjusted below 12 FPE but not above (and when I say adjusted I mean without the use of an engineering workshop).

Now even with Steyr's brilliance I suspect that it might be possible, using the correct pellet to get maybe at most 12.5 or 13 FPE out but that's hardly the 'significant increases' that the firearms consultative committee were concerned about, this concern leading supposedly to the introudction of AT in AMTA members products.

I suspect the truth is AMTA were leaned on bu the Home Office and they rushed a cheap, bodgy and inadequate solution into place which if the inadequacy of which gets out into the public domain could damage their credibility with the HO and thus they want us to shut up.

Of course some might argued that it was their penny pinching and incomptenece that got us into this in the first place.

It certainly seems that the only way out for AMTA members is to bite the bullet, reengineer their rifles like Steyr have, take the cost hit and remove AT.

Sooner or later someone at the HO is going to look our way and notice that the solution implemented by AMTA is half-baked and utterly and woefully inadequate. If AMTA aren't able to offer a more credible solution then we could well see very harsh legislation come our way.
Keep up , I meant wrt the gun concerned .

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